Get messages

Direct access to a queue

Messages can be retrieved from a queue synchronously with the Channel.get() method:

message = await channel.get('my_queue')

If the queue is empty, an EmptyQueue exception is raised. Otherwise get returns a GetMessage object. It has a body attribute, which is a bytearray:

# bytearray(b'message body')

To get a str instead, call message.decode:

# 'message body'

While using message.body.decode() is possible, message.decode is shorter and uses the message’s content-encoding property if set.

If the message body is JSON, use the json method to decode it:

# ['body', 'is', {'json': True}]

Finally, acknowledge the message (unless no_ack=True was passed to get):

await message.ack()

or reject it:

await message.reject(requeue=False)

Subscribe to messages from queue with a consumer

Creating a consumer on queue will make the server send messages to the client when they arrive in the queue, without the need to retrieve each one separately. Calling Channel.consume() and entering the returned Consumer context with async for subscribes to messages from a queue. To access the messages delivered to the consumer, use async for:

async with channel.consume('my_queue') as consumer:
    async for message in consumer:
        await message.ack()